Blogger Confessions {X}

Welcome to the 10th Blogger Confessions post! Want to catch-up on what you’ve missed so far? The links to all nine of the previous confessions are at the bottom. 🙂 Today we’re talking precocious childhood dramatics, sleeping habits & more!

I’ve never snoozed an alarm clock. Yes, I’m sorry my dears, but I am a morning person.

Traveling is one of my favorite things and over the years I’ve visited a number of countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas. The top of my Travel To Do List includes Turkey, Egypt, South America, and Russia.



I decided to become a vegetarian when I was twelve after watching a video in science class. My parents were super excited about that one! 🙂

Napping is not my thing. I’m jealous of people who can take power naps and wake-up refreshed and rejuvenated. I’d rather just go to bed earlier and skip the nap entirely.

I grew up with a number of pets – An English pointer named Molly, a rabbit named Bunnicula, a guinea pig named Frodo, and cats named Fritzie, Bilbo, Neo & Ozma. Yes there were two Lord of the Rings characters, my father read my brother & I the JRR Tolkien books as bedtime stories when we were growing up.

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