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As I said recently in my Women’s Health & Bikini Bodies post, in general diets and quick & dirty plans to drop weight for a specific event aren’t my forte. I’d prefer to live a healthy lifestyle that leaves me feeling great every day.

That doesn’t mean deviations won’t occur and there’s no shame in getting yourself back on track after a particularly indulgent period. Between holidays, big events, and traveling – You can start to feel tired and lethargic. The best possible way to increase your stamina and improve your day-to-day health is to clean up your diet.

I’m not talking about cleanses and detox programs, I’m taking about just eating a healthier, cleaner diet on a daily basis. Every decision you make effects your health – So you just have to start thinking about those choices before you make them.


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After the stress, sleep-deprivation, and seemingly non-stop travel of the last month I’m definitely looking to spend some quality time cleaning up my personal eating habits. Nothing crazy, nothing severe, just making better, more educated choices rather than letting my sleepiness or stress make the decision for me.

Below are a few of clean green eating goals:

Go GREEN – Between beautiful, tempting new produce showing up in stores & farmers markets, and re-reading my favorite Thrive book, I can’t seem to stop thinking about fruits & veggies. The timing couldn’t be better though, so I’ll be focusing my meals around fresh produce – From salads to smoothies to green juice.

Eat Clean – For me clean eating is about getting back to basics. It means skipping processed foods, eating out, and anything pre-made. It means leaving out sugar-filled dressings & sauces. It means savoring my food in its cleanest, most natural form with no added salt or sweeteners.

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{Crackling Cauliflower}

High Raw – My body loves raw food. Some people may have trouble transitioning to a high raw diet and require the assistance of probiotics, but my body really appreciates raw fruits, veggies & nuts so that’s what I’m going to give it! 🙂 During the Spring & Summer when I’m craving fresh produce I’ll usually eat raw until dinner or even for the whole day – Smoothies, giant salads, and raw or sprouts nuts, beans & seeds.

When you’re feeling less than your best, how do YOU adjust your diet?


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