April 2014 Round-Up

Looking back at April the first emotion that comes to mind is stress. And kids, that’s not a good thing. Yes, there were amazing experiences and fun events and great times with friends – But in hindsight, it was an overwhelmingly stressful and anxiety inducing month.

And you know how that makes me feel? Like I need to find my Zen! And fast.

Therefore my primary directive for May will be getting back to life. That means yoga, meditation, journaling, relaxing, and making some time for myself. I love to be busy and I love the feeling of getting things done, but I need to learn to balance that with activities that keep me grounded, relaxed, and enjoying myself.

San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Brocade Dress Spring Style Two-Toned Mixed Media Dress Studio 15 NYC

{Studio 15 Spring Lookbook}

April 2014 Round-Up


April was a month filled with fashion fun – From killer events like the CCUOCO Diverge Runway Show to fun collaborations {LiveLoveModa, Studio 15 NYC & Lysse} to an amazing $500 Mother’s Day giveaway!

As for Street Style – This month I played with Olivia Pope inspired white coats, Spring sweaters, fun floral rompers, and denim in the form of my favorite jeans and chambray shirts. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons from a sartorial standpoint and I’m thoroughly enjoying mixing & matching and breaking out fun Spring pieces right now.


After all my traveling in March it was great to get back into the kitchen. Not only did I try out some great new recipes and start adding superfoods to my daily diet, I also worked hard this month to cook for most of my meals. Limiting restaurant meals and take-up orders is an important part of my Clean Green Eating plan.

If you have a sweet tooth I highly recommend trying out my Raw Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Torte recipe or some of these delicious Banana Based Desserts.


With Spring break, Summer vacations, and warm weather on the horizon fitness and getting in bikini shape are the topics de jour right now. Rather than do bootcamps or crazy diets, my goal is to stay healthy year-around by following a consistent workout regime 7 healthy diet. You can read more about my thoughts on this and some of my recommendations below:

San Francisco Food Blogger Raw Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Torte Vegan Gluten-Free Raw Dessert Paleo

{Raw Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Torte}

New May 2014 Goals


While Spring in San Francisco isn’t always super Spring-y, the weather has been continually improving and I plan to take advantage of that as much as I can.

Dresses are a Spring staple for me but I’m also excited to break out some fun jumpsuits, rompers, and matching sets this month.


As I’m working on cleaning up my diet I’ve been thinking about protein and healthy fats as well as supplements so stay tuned for healthy protein-filled recipes and information on supplements and superfoods, as I embark on another Whole 30 adventure.


Spending my weekends in San Francisco rather than traveling has the advantage of giving me the time to try out some of the great classes and exercise trends here. I’m going to make trying new types of workouts a priority this month so expect some fun accounts of my fitness trials and hilarious Instagram shots of my adventures.

San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Menswear Inspired Fashion

{Menswear Inspired Fashion}

2014 Bucket List:

  1. Try a new class/physical activity – So far this year I’ve tried yoga, spin, and kayaking and in April I gave pilates another try. I hadn’t done mat since before my back injury and LOVED getting back into it!
  2. Publish my writing – During April I took on another freelance writing gig – And while publishing a story or working towards publishing a novel wasn’t the focus this month, I felt very productive/
  3. Travel – In April I got my wanderlust needs filled while still staying close to home with a fabulous, sun-filled girls trip to Los Angeles for Lucky Magazine’s Lucky FABB West Conference.
  4. Broaden my educational horizons – I’ve been indulging all of my passions this month on the reading front. In April I picked up No Meat Athlete: Run on Plants and Discover Your Fittest, Fastest, Happiest Self on plant-based diets & exercise as well as Everyone Wants to Be Me or Do Me: Tom and Lorenzo’s Fabulous and Opinionated Guide to Celebrity Life and Style – The first book from my favorite fashion blogger duo TLo.
  5. Be a good friend – In addition to seeing one of my besties in LA and having her visit in SF during April, I’m also planning a yoga retreat with with a girlfriend from college. Really looking forward to that one!

How was YOUR April? Are you feeling productive? Stressed? Excited?


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