Whole 30: Introduction

If you’re a long-time MCLV follower this next statement might be a little startling, but stick with me.

I just started The Whole 30.

For those of you who just gasped – I’ll explain. And clarify.

For those of you who shrugged and gave a mental “huh?” – The Whole 30 is a strict Paleo 30 day food rebalance program. It’s intended as a reset versus a sustainable eating style and includes some tenants that I can get behind. Namely:

  • No alcohol
  • No sugar
  • No processed foods
  • No gluten
  • No dairy

The last two aren’t issues for me, but you’d be AMAZED just how prevalent sugar is in the things you’re eating. Even the “healthy” things! Sauces, dressings, protein powder, vitamins, supplements… The list is terrifyingly long. And while it can be a daunting prospect to cut all of those sources from your diet, I speak from experience when I say that you’ll be thrilled with the results.

The other major hallmark of the Paleo diet is the consumption of meat. It’s basically a tenant of the Paleo religion. That means that I’m going to do a slightly modified version of the program which includes tempeh, natto, edamame, vegetables, fruits, healthy coconut fats (oil, butter, meat), and some nuts & seeds.

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I tackled this program last January {Whole 30: The End} and really enjoyed the results – Better sleep, healthier GI tract, faster workout recovery, more fun & creativity in the kitchen… All of those things sound wonderful right now after months of stress, sleep deprivation, and the resulting over-indulging.

I already eat a pretty clean diet most of the time {Clean Green Eating} so this program isn’t about making drastic changes, it’s just about focusing on my health. Actually – GASP – Thinking before eating. In my April Round-Up I talked about how April was an overwhelmingly stressful month so it makes sense to me to work on nourishing myself while I focus on distressing my daily life.

When you’re tired and overworked, junk food is easy, convenient, and appealing – So I’m committing myself to making better choices this May!

Interested in joining me or learning more about The Whole 30? I highly recommend checking out Holly Would If She Could for endless inspiration – From non-stop motivation to mouth-watering recipes to comments, confessions & observations that’ll make you giggle.

Have YOU ever tried The Whole 30? Any interest in clean eating programs?


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