Fitness Friday Spotlight: Yoga

One of the most common requests that I get (usually via Instagram) is what’s my fitness routine. I like to be consistent but still give myself room to try new things and recover from especially brutal workouts. In a given week my workout routine includes walking (2-5 miles a day Monday through Friday & 5-15 miles Saturday & Sunday), weight training, and extra activities like yoga, Pilates, and videos from Blogilates & Tone It Up!

So far, my favorite 2014 bucket list item is trying a new form of exercise each month. It’s forcing me to get creative, step outside my comfort zone, and actually try the things I’ve always wanted to do but never gotten around to.

Fitness Friday Fitness Spotlight Yoga San Francisco Fitness Blogger Model Yoga

Since there’s so much interest in my fitness adventures I’m going to start sharing some of the new exercises I try during 2014 in a Fitness Friday Spotlight series.

Up first is my new and current love – Yoga!

Prior to 2014 I had tried yoga 4-5 times and never really been a fan. I’m a typical ADHD kid who can’t sit still and never cared much for being told to breath – Hello, if I didn’t breath, I’d die!

But when I stubbornly gave it another try in January, something just clicked. The right class, the right instructor, the right mindset. It all just came together.

Fitness Friday Fitness Spotlight Yoga San Francisco Fitness Blogger Model Yoga

After months and months of a very intense work & freelance schedule, nonstop events, travel, and a great deal of stress – I think for the first time I really appreciated how valuable the practice was for getting me back to myself. Concentrating on my breathing stopped being an annoyance and started being a wonderful way to focus my energies and get out of my own head.

Now for the good parts – What I’m doing, where I’m going, what I’m wearing, and – Most importantly – What I’m eating!

Yoga Practice: I’m a Flow girl. I’ll take Vinyasa in a pinch, but prefer flow for now. Can’t wait to try Bikram!

Yoga Studio: I get my glow on at Glow Yoga SF in North Beach. Luckily they also offer spin & Pilates classes, AND have a spa. It’s my little sanctuary.

Yoga Fashion: My two favorite workout gear brands are Lorna Jane and Zella, everything it flattering & fits to perfection. My biggest pet peeves when it comes to gym clothes is bunching or overexposure, I love that these brands fit real bodies and I LOVE that the Zella tanks are long and actually cover my torso.

Yoga Fuel: I get stomach cramps if I eat directly before working out so I try to give myself at least an hour between eating and a trip to the gym. Usually something combining protein, healthy fats & carbs like Energy Bites or a Smoothie. After a sweaty yoga session I’ll either have a salad with a  fat-rich dressing or if I’m in the mood for something sweet – Which is ALL THE TIME lately – I’ll have protein pudding. Stay tuned for my favorite recipe, a variation on vegan banana soft serve!

Fitness Friday Fitness Spotlight Yoga San Francisco Fitness Blogger Model Yoga

Leave comments below if you have any questions and be sure to stay tuned for my next installation of the Fitness Friday Spotlight!

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