May 2014 Round-Up

I started April’s Round-Up post with a little bit of whining… But I quickly admitted that while I was stressed and overworked, I was exactly as stressed and overworked as I’d made myself. And while I do have high expectations for my “free time” that means I also have the power to change the things that aren’t working.

My primary objective for May was to work on de-stressing which manifested itself in a couple of ways. Primarily by cleaning up my diet, focusing on “me” time, and giving myself the opportunity physically relax with massages, yoga, and meditation.

Read on to find out just how I did with these goals…

San Francisco Fashion CCUOCO Candice Cuoco Couture Leather Dress


May 2014 Round-Up


In May I shared two extremely fun projects that I’d worked on with amazing local designers – Candice Cuoco of CCUOCO and Lan Jaenicke.

These designers’ styles are incredibly different – But both are talented, driven, intelligent San Francisco women that I’m thrilled to have met and gotten a chance to work with.


I started May with the ambitious goal of completing The Whole 30. However after two weeks I realized that I was making very few day-to-day changes since I eat such a clean diet already.

The only real change? Cutting sugar.

I had NO IDEA just how sneaky sugar was and this month turned me into a label-reading tornado. No – Most of the foods that I eat don’t have labels, but my supplements, protein powders, and a few of my indulgences do have labels and what I read was pretty horrifying.


During May my lower back injury gave me a little trouble so I focused on core – Lots of abdominal-centric workouts, Pilates, yoga, stretching & rolling. Maintenance isn’t my favorite activity, but having the pain decrease as I was diligent was very rewarding.

I was also honored to receive some goodies from California-based activewear company Ellie. Check out what I thought of their amazing pieces here – Workout Gear Spotlight: Ellie.

Ellie Fitness Workout Gear Gym Clothes San Francisco Fitness Blogger MCLV

{Workout Gear Spotlight: Ellie}

New June 2014 Goals


I recently shot another fun series with CCUOCO that I’m dying to share so stay tuned for more teasers and a full post to come!

I also have some local events and travel styles that I’m looking forward to sharing.


I’m determined to continue working my sugar consumption. I wish I could simply say that I’ll 100% cut sugar 100% of the time, but I’m going to try to approach this a bit more rationally. My goal is only fruit-based sugar Monday through Friday and very limited (1-2 servings) of sugar on weekends.

The very first thing I’m doing in June? Trying to recreate my favorite salad dressing without sugar!


After building up a strong core during May and doing TONS of walking/hiking, I’m hoping to branch out during June. Yoga and Pilates have become staples in my weekly routine and I’m hoping to try martial arts or boxing this month!

Lan Jaenicke San Francisco Fashion Designer Cashmere Outerwear Aubergine Coat San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style{Lan Jaenicke}

2014 Bucket List:

  1. Try a new class/physical activity – I was a hiking maniac in May. For me 7+ miles is a hike, even if it’s a concrete “city hike,” and I managed to squeeze in a few of these during May.
  2. Publish my writing – This month I got organized! I read through all of the novels & short stories that I’ve started over the years and worked on prioritizing the things that I want to focus on this year.
  3. Travel – This month I planned a trip to LA for June and NYC for August.
  4. Broaden my educational horizons – This month I researched a few courses that I’m interested in taking – Primarily on nutrition and relaxation techniques. I also signed up for a three-day retreat to learn more about meditation and yoga which I’m incredibly excited for & can’t wait to share my thoughts with you.
  5. Be a good friend – Both of my upcoming trips are to visit friends – Babies & weddings, I’m finally at that age!

How are YOU doing as we’re nearing the halfway point on 2014?


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