Links You’ll Love: Summertime & Sweets

Its Sunday and you know what that means – Links You’ll Love is back!

Most of us try to lead healthy lives – That doesn’t mean always skipping dessert or that you have to hit the gym 7 days a week. It means finding a balance that works for you. It means finding out what improves your day-to-day life.

Below is a great piece that I think you’ll enjoy on holding on to bad habits that are keeping you from achieving that healthy, happy state – 10 Healthy Behaviors That Are Dragging You Down.

Fashion & Beauty:

Curious how the effortlessly stylish approach dressing? StyleCaster has the answer – The 7 Habits of Highly Stylish People.

If you’re looking for some fun new ways to mix & match and a fresh perspective on your wardrobe for Summertime check out Miss Lauren Conrad’s Tuesday Ten: June Style Tips.

Links You'll Love Girls Night Out Style Fashion Blogger Street Style San Francisco

Putting together the perfect look for a Summertime girls night out can be a challenge – You want a look that’s flattering, appropriate for the setting, and that’s an expression of your own unique personal style. Stumped? Check out WhoWhatWear’s 11 Celeb-Approved Girls’ Night Out Looks.

Warm weather months bring on all sorts of events – From weddings and parties to picnics and vacations. Not sure how to dress gentlemen? Read Attire Club’s Summer around the clock: How to dress for every time and place.

Want to support a good cause? Love jewelry? Enter this fun watch giveaway!!

Health & Fitness:

I love salads and genuinely crave throwing together delicious, brightly colored new combinations. Avoid falling into a salad rut and give some of these tasty recipes a try – 15 Non-Traditional Salads.

Pre-made green juices are a great healthy snack when you’re on the go, but it can be an expensive habit if you’re a big fan. If you’d like to try juicing at home you should definitely read Mind Body Green’s Guide to Juicing Greens.

Dessert lovers, I’ve got something for you. Something you’re going to really like. A lot. Vegan Coconut Avocado Ice Cream. You’re welcome!

Links You'll Love Vegan Paleo Gluten-Free Coconut Avocado Ice Cream San Francisco Food Blogger Red Velvet Brownies

Need more sugar? I love a dessert recipe that sneaks some healthy produce into the batter so I immediately fell for Chocolate Covered Katie’s Red Velvet Brownies. Killer ingredient list!

With all of the traveling I’ve been doing this year it has become even more important for me not to “fall of the wagon” while I’m on the road. Having snacks handy, knowing nearby restaurants & grocery stores, and making time for exercise are some of my favorite tips. If you’re a big traveler you’ll love this list – 10 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Links You’ll Love!


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