June 2014 Round-Up

Happy July!

Here at MCLV headquarters June was just about as good as it gets. Beautiful weather here in San Francisco meant lots of outdoor time – From hikes to reading in the park – And a fun trip to Los Angeles meant breaking out my first swimsuit of the season. A daunting prospect but happily not fatal. ūüôā

Pinafore Overalls San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Washington Square Park


There were also fun events, some unbelievably relaxing downtime, and great new projects on the writing and styling front. Read on to hear about my month and see what my goals are for July!

June 2014 Round-Up


I kept things interesting from a fashion standpoint this month and finally got a chance to break out my warm weather pieces. I did a hippie chic collaboration with local brand Saako & my friend Kat of KatwalkSF, wore my favorite pinafore on a gorgeous Saturday in the park, and played dress-up in ladylike outerwear & polka dots.

I also got a chance to do some fun interviews with local Bay Are fashion talents РIncluding model, actress & performance artist Michelle Grey and Fashion On The Square designer Cindy Quach.

Want to see more of this month’s fashion? Check out my Life Lately post.


I’m pretty proud of my approach to sugar this month {Curious why the change? Check out my reasons here}. I limited my consumption of sweeteners and refined sugar and noticed immediately that my energy levels really evened out. And more than that? I actually stopped craving baked goods and “bad” sugar¬†within a few days of cutting¬†them out.

{Full¬†disclosure though, I couldn’t stop eating this fruit-based vegan ice cream all month!}


As hoped, I was able to put some time & effort into my fitness routine this month. Regular workouts, yoga classes & Pilates mat sessions really helped with spinal pain & reducing stress levels.

What I’m most excited about from June was escaping San Francisco for a weekend of meditation, yoga, breath work, and hiking in the mountains above Calistoga. The retreat was truly¬†a life changing experience and I can’t wait to go again!

Vegan Icea Cream Banana Soft Serve Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Raspberry San Francisco Food Blogger

{Vegan Ice Cream}

New July 2014 Goals


July is going to have some fun events like Fashion On The Square, new activities like attending Polo matches, and interesting collaborations & photo shoots in the works. And that means venturing outside of my comfort zone sartorially.

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This month I’m hoping to keep up my reduced sugar intake and continue cooking most of my meals. I rarely eat out these days and my body is pretty happy about that. When I control my food intake that means not only am I not inadvertently consuming allergens or things my body has trouble digesting, I’m also able to make sure I get all of my macro & micronutrients each day.


This month I’ll be getting back on the horse – Literally – As well as trying out a new Pilates studio and hopefully attending that boxing class I’ve been looking forward to for as long as I can remember. ūüôā

I’ll be¬†putting up¬†a new¬†Fitness Friday¬†Spotlight this month as well so keep an eye out!

Summer Dresses Polka Dots San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Summer Dresses}

2014 Bucket List:

  1. Try a new class/physical activity – I was hoping to get in a boxing class during June but it wasn’t in the stars. Instead I gave Pure Barre a try. And WHOA. Sore for days!
  2. Publish¬†my writing¬†– GEV Magazine published my first piece this month! I’ve written for a few online magazines & blogs locally, but this is the first physical magazine that I’ve written for & I couldn’t be more thrilled.
  3. Travel РThis month was a bit of a dichotomy travel wise. On one hand I headed two hours north of San Francisco for a relaxing spiritual retreat in the mountains, on the other hand I flew down to LA for some fun in the sun with friends. Great example of how you should nurture all the different parts of your soul!
  4. Broaden my educational horizons – June was a month of Zen. I read two books on meditation and took a three-day course on meditation and breathwork. I’m really excited by both of these practices and enjoying applying them to my daily life.
  5. Be a good friend – This month I got to spend a weekend with my BFF at her beautiful new home in LA – Great company, great food, and great comedy!

The year is officially half over and Summer has arrived – How was YOUR month?


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