Blogger Confessions {XI}

Welcome to the next installation of Blogger Confessions! Want to catch-up on what you’ve missed so far? The links to the TEN previous Confessions posts are at the bottom. 🙂 Today we’re covering education, travel dreams, and more!

If I won the lottery right this instant I would book an around-the-world trip to see all of the places on my To See List and buy a house.

When I left undergrad I had very definitive plans to go back to school to get my PhD in History as well as a psychology degree. I always saw myself leading an academic life – Always a student, always in the library, always researching & writing. It’s interesting what 9 years does to your perspective!

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{Vegan Mac n’ Cheese}

I could probably live on sweet potatoes. You can use them for everything from cheese sauce to French fries to baked goods to soups & stews. They’re just so good!

In a perfect world I would split my time between San Francisco, New York, and London – They’re three of my favorite places in the world and I love all the great travel opportunities nearby for each. In California you can get to Hawaii, Central America, and South America relatively easily. From New York you can visit the Eastern Seaboard, Canada, and the Caribbean. And from London all of Western Europe is your playground.

I’m a water baby! When I go on warm-weather trips I usually spend most of my time in the water – Jet skiing, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, water skiing, swimming, climbing water falls, jumping off of cliffs… I’m happiest in the water!

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