Before traveling there are a few things that I plan out in advance to ensure that the trip runs smoothly. My priority when I’m on the road is to make things as easy for myself as possible. Travel – Especially international travel – Is hard on your body, so I do my best to anticipate my needs and plan accordingly.


My suitcase is usually filled with separates and dresses. The rule for separates is that nothing goes into my bag unless it can be worn twice. Black & white pieces are great because they’re versatile and can easily be mixed & matched to create flattering new looks.

A great way to give your looks an eye-catching touch is with accessories. Whenever I travel I pack jewelry, statement pieces, scarves, and belts to personalize each look. A cute striped tee can be paired with slim fitting cropped pants and a colorful statement necklace or with a flirty skater skirt & blazer combo.

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My approach to diet while I’m traveling is threefold. First, I research restaurants near my hotel & the places I’m visiting. It’s good to know what’s available to you so that you can make healthful choices. Second, I’ll track down the grocery stores or corner shops nearby so that I can stock up on basics once I touch down. Finally, I pack some non-perishable snacks in my bag to ensure that I don’t end up miserable & starving. “Hangry” should be avoided at all costs!

Some of my go-to snacks for my purse or carry on are trail mix, nuts, garbanzo bean snacks, dried fruit, kale chips, Larabars, and pouches of protein powder.

I also pack ginger tea, my go-to cure for an upset stomach, and supplements in my toiletry kit. Supplements aren’t part of my day-to-day routine, but when you’re on the road you may miss out on some of your daily fruits & veggies and you’re more likely to get sick so supplements are a great way to keep your immune system in fighting shape.


I can’t stress this enough – Water is one of the most valuable things you can load up on when you’re traveling. From saving your skin to ensuring a good night’s sleep – The benefits of hydration can’t be overstated.

So either bring an empty water bottle through TSA screening and fill it up once you’re in the airport, or buy an eco-friendly bottle before your flight. And – Here’s the important part – Keep refilling it for your entire trip!!


Hydration, resetting your body, and getting onto the local time are the three keys to surviving international travel. Here are my tips for your next trip:

  1. Drink tons of water before & on your flight
  2. Skip the caffeine, sugar & alcohol. Really!
  3. When you land get outside and do something active in the sunshine. The light will help your body reset its internal clock and getting moving can keep you from getting sore or stiff. Landing at night? Try squeezing in a walk, a run, a swim – Anything to get your body moving before you crash!
  4. If it’s daytime when you land your mission is to stay awake! Try to stay up until at least 7pm local time – This will help you wake up in the correct time zone the next day.
  5. Magnesium has been shown to aid in stress relief and help with sleep so I always pack a few Natural Calm Packets when I travel.

Traveling Packing Carry On Luggage Bags San Francisco Fashion Blogger Travel Diary Street Style

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Walking is my favorite way to see a new city and I highly recommend bringing a comfortable pair of shoes on your next trip. Whether you’re wandering around the local landmarks, finding a restaurant, or just exploring, this is a great way to see the sights and stay active.

If I’m staying in a big city I’ll research gyms, check out what my hotel has to offer, or plan a running route in advance. If it’s a fun tropical vacation I’ll spend my trip swimming, snorkeling, diving, horseback riding, ATVing, and the like. And if you’re planning a relaxing-middle-of-no-where trip, hiking and bike riding are great ways to see the countryside.

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How do YOU prepare for a trip?


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