Custom Skin Care: SopHistry

Bay Area company SopHistry is taking things to a whole new level with their innovative approach to skin care.

When I met the founder of Sophistry, Sopiea Mitchell, I was surprised on a number of levels. Not only was she whip smart – A chemist by trade – She was flawless in Valentino and Chanel, and in a word, accessible. We chatted about life in San Francisco, fashion, beauty, dietary choices, skin care, vacations, and more… I left our “meeting” feeling like I’d made an amazing new friend who was just as excited about making my skin feel its best as I was.

Actually, she may have been even more invested than me.

SopHistry Beauty Skin Care Custom Skin Care San Francisco Fashion Beauty Blogger Skin Care Products

I waited with bated breath for my new products to arrive and I have to be honest… They were even more amazing than I imagined!

Finding the perfect make-up remover has been a challenge for me over the years. I’ve always looked for something moisturizing, free of alcohol, and good to my skin. The thin, watery cleansers were as ineffective as the heavily scented creams that left half my mascara on my eyes. The Sophistry Age-Delaying Cleansing Oil however, is rich and potent, everything I’ve been looking for. Not only does it remove all of your make-up, it leaves your skin feeling dewy and healthy, not dry or oily.

Since I started getting invested, and investing, in healthier skin in my mid-twenties, eye-cream has been the holy grail. The skin around your eyes is the most delicate and the first to show signs of stress and aging. The Sophistry Age-Delaying Eye Crème-Gel is one of those unique products that gives your skin an immediate boost. With some of the eye creams I’ve tried over the years I waited and waited for a sign that it was working. With this Crème-Gel, the effective was both immediate and long-lasting.

SopHistry Beauty Skin Care Custom Skin Care San Francisco Fashion Beauty Blogger Skin Care Products

Since each product is customized to meet your individualized needs, they can be adjusted based on the season, your travel plans, and even feedback after your first trial. The products are unscented, made with naturally derived ingredients, and organic when sustainable.

And how can you get these fabulous products in your life? A short one-on-one consultation is all it takes – So don’t wait!

Added bonus? Your custom products have your name on them! 🙂

Tell me… Would YOU try a custom skin care line?


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