Project Juice Cleanse

During the recent Juice And Spruce event with Lululemon and Project Juice, I was excited to hear all about nutrition and juicing from the founder of Project Juice.

I’m a long-time green juice fan and have loved Project Juice since they came to San Francisco – There are two locations walking distance from my office.

Project Juice Cleanse Green Juice Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo

Her passionate & enthusiastic words reignited my excitement so I decided to try another their one-day cleanse {You can read about my first foray into juice cleansing here.}

There are three levels and I chose the one with the least amount of sugar which included six juices ranging from basic greens to heavenly almond milk.

Project Juice Cleanse Green Juice Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo

After spending an amazing week in London where my daily diet consisted more coffee, fashion, and champagne than cold-pressed green juice, I decided a short cleanse was in order. A little detox to help kick-start a healthier post-vacation lifestyle.

Project Juice Cleanse Green Juice Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo

This Forever Young cleanse includes the following juices:

  • Dr. Green
  • EZ Green w/ Lemon & Ginger
  • The Master
  • Dr. Green w/ Lemon
  • EZ Green
  • Almond Mylk

Have YOU ever tried a juice cleanse?


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2 Responses to Project Juice Cleanse

  1. I have never tried a juice cleanse because as a student, I simply can’t afford too. I have always wanted to experience it though. Just to see what it’s like 🙂
    Good luck with the cleanse! Also, why were you in London? I’m half British and did my undergrad in England!

    • You’ll love it when you get a chance to try one!

      I was in London for Fashion Week! 🙂

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