October 2014 Round-Up

Of 2014, October is the month than rushed past the fastest. I adore this time of year and wish I had been able to savor October a little more, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing, or make me any less excited for November and December. This time of year is always a blur so I’m heading into the last two months with the goal of really stopping to smell the roses the evergreens.

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 {Winter White with A by Anubha}

October 2014 Round-Up


Gearing up for Fall fashion is one of my favorite traditional each year – Rearranging my closet, prepping my outerwear & accessories, picking up some fabulous new pieces for the season. A trip to New York really got me in the mood – There’s something about those crisp days and seeing the leaves turn that makes Fall seem a little more magically. I’ll be sharing some photographs from my trip with Studi0 15 NYC and Style Lend soon so stay tuned!


Between weekend trips this month I spent some much-needed quality time in my kitchen. Not only did I make my favorite soup and break out the slow cooker – But I also tried out some tasty pumpkin recipes this month.


October was a big month on the fitness front for MCLV – Not only did I get in some great workouts and give BodyFi’s TRX class a try this month, I was also THRILLED to team up with two brands that I love to show off their Fall workout gear collections. Check out my collaborations with Lululemon Athletica and PrAna – Which is YOUR favorite?

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{Gluten-Free Vegan Pumpkin Blondies}

New November 2014 Goals


The crisp days of Fall are finally here and I plan to enjoy these chilly mornings with all of my sartorial favorites – From killer outwear to scarves & gloves to cozy layers.


With the holiday season nearly upon us it’s almost time for huge family meals, a nonstop parade of cocktail parties and dinners, and plenty of travel, house guests, and boozy late nights. My secret weapon for combating the crazy onslaught of calories is by following a healthy, extremely clean diet the rest of the time. Check out my Clean Green Eating to see how I’ll be eating most of the next two months.


When I’m traveling and when I’m stressed, exercise is my go-to coping mechanism. It helps center me, helps me work through feelings of frustration, and being as healthy as possible will help you avoid getting sick this season!

Here are my tips for staying healthy – Cold & Flu Season: How To Stay Healthy.

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{Workout Gear Spotlight: Lululemon Athletica}

2014 Bucket List:

  1. Try a new class/physical activity – I’ve been trying to do at least a few Pilates classes a month this year, but I haven’t gotten around to trying Pilates reformer until this month. I was a little worried that my clumsiness would result in me wound up in the cables, but I survived unscathed and it was a great workout.
  2. Publish my writing – This month I had the third editorial that I styled published and I couldn’t be more excited for my next project!
  3. Travel – I spent a glorious Fall weekend in New York this month – It was a short, but much-needed trip.
  4. Broaden my educational horizons – I started a nutritional class this month and I’m really enjoying learning more about the food that I eat and how to give myself all the nutrients and vitamins that I need.
  5. Prioritize friendship – I realized recently that six people I know have moved from San Francisco to New York this year, so I’m planning some more trips out to visit and make sure that I keep these wonderful people in my life.

What’s YOUR favorite thing about this time of year?


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