Links You’ll Love: November Edition

Welcome back to another fabulous edition of Links You’ll Love! Let’s get started on a healthy, happy note with a word from the Daily Love – How Do You Commit To Your True Calling?

Fashion & Beauty:

Links You'll Love Fashion Boudoir Photographer Alloria Winter San Francisco Photographer

I’ve had the honor of working with some amazing photographers in the last few years, but the first, and one of the most memorable, was the unbelievably talented and stunning Rhiannon of Alloria Winter Photography. {She even made an appearance on the blog in February wearing a breathtaking Oscar de la Renta dress – Gowns & Formalwear} She was the first professional photographer that I worked with and her work is pure magic. She recently started a blog and I have to confess that I’ve been unabashedly stalking it ever since. One of the things that she’s exceptional at is making her clients feel, and look, phenomenal. So who better to teach us how to be more photogenic? This post is a Must Read – 5 Simple Steps To Becoming Adorably Sexy.

It’s nearly time for the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show so why not check in with one of the beauties on her beauty routine? The Six Beauty Rules Model Doutzen Kroes Swears By

I love finding new fashion perspectives. Getting introduced to new women who mix pieces in interesting, exciting ways, who interpret trends with their own personal twist, who take things to a new sartorial level. This list from Bazaar includes just that – Modern Swans: The Most Stylish Young Women in The World.

Finding the perfect boots is one of those magical things – They go with everything, they’re comfortable enough to wear forever, and you get an endless stream of compliments that never stop making you smile. Luckily for consumers Refinery is on the job – Wide-Calf Boots That Really Fit.

Let’s go ahead and end the fashion section of this Links You’ll Love post with the ultimate, every-girl-needs-it link – How To Make Heels Comfortable.

You’re welcome!

Fitness & Health:

I’ve fallen in love with the calming health benefits of meditation this year and wanted to share this great piece with those of you who are flirting with the idea of trying it out but haven’t taken the plunge – Why Meditation?

When you’re trying to lead a healthy life there’s nothing more frustrating than when your efforts are inadvertently derailed by tricky foods. This is a great compilation of some of the foods you should do your best to avoid – 15 “Health Foods” That Are Really Junk Foods in Disguise.

November Links You'll Love Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Stuffed Sweet Potatoes A House In The Hills

Holy deliciousness batman, you’ve GOT to try this recipe from House In The Hills – Baked Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. Pure food porn!

Toning your midsection is a never-ending process but this article includes some great tips & tricks to add to your daily or weekly routine – 7-Day Melt My Muffin Top Challenge.

Here are three words that will infinitely improve your day – Health Doughnut Recipes.

I initially tried yoga at the suggestion of my doctor after having back surgery. He was hopeful that the practice would improve my quality of life and he couldn’t have been more right. If you’re interested in increasing flexibility and strength, I highly recommend giving it a try – Your Yoga Flow For Amazing, Strong Abs.


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