MCLV Mange: Infused Water

You know what I love? An easy, easy recipe.

And this “recipe” is so easy it nearly doesn’t qualify as a recipe at all.

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 {Photography by Jessica Michelle Photo – From our fun brunch shoot, if you’re looking for a fabulous food photographer look no further!}

Infused water is simple and beautiful – The perfect addition to your table the next time you have guests over. Using either flat or sparkling water you can add whatever lovely ingredients you’re in the mood for – From mint to berries to citrus peels.


  • Water – Flat or sparkling
  • Spices
  • Produce
  • Herbs

Depending on what you’re in the mood for you could try any number of refreshing combinations – From tangy lemon and mint to ready-for-Fall cinnamon sticks and orange peels to detoxifying raspberries and ginger.

Just add your chosen combination to your water and serve or refrigerate for later. Et voila – Fancy water!

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4 Responses to MCLV Mange: Infused Water

  1. I used to have one of those large water pitchers with a little nozzle to put your cup under that was on a stand. I’m not sure why the name of it is escaping me, but I would always serve fruit-infused water (or a cocktail) from that when I was entertaining. Sadly that thing was broken in one of my moves. But yes – infused water is such a good touch.

  2. What a gorgeous shot! This looks fab, and so refreshing! I put up a recipe up this week too, but it’s more of the alcohol variety. 😉

    xo Carlina

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