November 2014 Round-Up

Can you BELIEVE that there’s only a month left in 2014? I’m in awe of how fast this year has flown past. While 2013 was a heartbreaker with some tough-fought lessons and a great deal of change, 2014 has been nothing short of amazing.

I couldn’t be more grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life, the amazing city that I live in, the breathtaking adventures I’ve been on, or the education this year has given me.

Can’t wait to see how fabulous December is!

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 {Plaid Pants}

November 2014 Round-Up


November was a fashion-heavy month in 2013 and 2014. I was thrilled to show off my collaborations with Studio 15, Style Lend, and San Francisco-based charity start-up ModaVive.


Despite my seemingly non-stop travel schedule I’ve been pretty diligent about my eating habits. My number one tip is to pack snacks and plane food before heading to the airport – I’m less likely to make poor choices if I’m not starving.

Want more travel tips? Check out my Traveling post on packing, food, water, and combating jetlag.


Consistency is key! And while I may not have branched out or taken as many classes as I wanted this month, I was very consistent about getting in at least one workout a day and supplementing it with walking.

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New December 2014 Goals


The rain has finally arrived! Water-starved California has been under siege for the better part of a two weeks and while it’s great to see my city coming back to life, the shift in weather definitely requires a change in my day-to-day style choices.

It’s all about working my Hunter Boots and Nine West Over-The-Knee Boots into my outfits – Lots of slim pants, oversized knits, and outerwear.


After a quick trip to Los Angeles this weekend I’m in San Francisco for the rest of the year and looking forward to getting back into the kitchen. I’ve bookmarked tons of recipes for soups, slow cooker recipes, and baked treats to try this month!


I was a little disappointed not to give paddle boarding a try while I was in Hawaii, but the whole trip reaffirmed my excitement for trying new activities and I’m definitely going to try to keep this up next year!

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2014 Bucket List:

  1. Try a new class/physical activity – Boxing is a rush, can’t recommend it highly enough!
  2. Publish my writing – I’ve been so focused on magazine and blog pieces the past few months that I decide to focus on my other writing this month and I started working on one of my short stories which felt amazing.
  3. Travel – This month I headed to Albuquerque for a family birthday weekend as well as an impromptu trip to Maui with friends.
  4. Broaden my educational horizons – I’m awful at languages but got the bug this month and have been rereading some of my French and Italian textbooks. I should break out my old Greek books to prepare for my next overseas trip!
  5. Prioritize friendship – It was a complete honor to run off to Maui with one of my college best friends to watch her marry the love of her life this month. Such a once in a lifetime experience!

What’s left on YOUR To Do List for 2014?


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