Health Food Additions

With my new Clean Green Eating regime in full effect for 2015 I’ve added some new supplements and health foods to my daily routine and am thrilled by the results so far.

Here are a few of my new Health Food Additions:

Chlorella Tablets:

I first read about Chlorella in Brendan Brazier’s Thrive books and was intrigued by the fact that this single cell green algae is such a great source of protein & vitamins.

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Maca is another South American “superfood” like chia seeds and quinoa. Not only is it a good source of vitamins, but it’s been shown to have a positive impact on mood & hormone stabilization. I add a teaspoon to my daily green protein smoothies or to my energy bite recipe.


I started adding liquid Chlorophyll to a glass of water a day a few weeks ago and I find that I’m starting to look forward to it each day.

Bee Pollen:

Local bee pollen is supposed to be helpful to those with allergies, but what really interested me was when I read that it’s a complete source of nutrition for bees which means that it contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, and protein.

Do YOU have any Health Food Additions that you swear by?


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