January In Review

In my Happy New Year post I laid out some goals for myself and “resolutions” for 2015 intended to promote my own personal happiness and fulfillment. I love goals and To Do Lists, but I’m also loving my current “enjoy the moment” mode.

Cliché? Perhaps.

True? Absolutely.

January was the perfect start to a bold new year here at MCLV HQ. Fun fashion, butt-kicking workouts, and some very serious kitchen time.

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{Tiffany & Co: Office Styling}


I shared the first post from my latest collaboration with Tiffany & Co. this month, leading up to a very special Valentine’s Day look, and I’ve been able to continue showing off the killer pieces at Trendy Mondays.


I tend to be fairly routine with my food choices – Each day I have a similar combination of meals and snacks. I’m getting all my nutrients and I feel healthy, but I’ve got to admit – I was starting to get a little bored.

This month I worked back in some of my old favorites like overnight oats, smoothie bowls, chia seed pudding, sweet potatoes in ever glorious form, and meal-sized salads topped with nuts, grains, and healthy fats.

It usually takes some time for my overly sensitive body to adjust to dietary changes, so I was thrilled when my January reboot was met with an immediate surge of energy and even better sleeping patterns.

Clearly my body and I were on the same page!

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{Protein Smoothie Bowl}


This month I started a killer new 12 week workout program from Australian trainer Kayla Itsines. Similar to my food choices, I’ve been feeling that I’d plateaued at the gym.

I work out regularly and try all sorts of new things, but towards the end of 2014 I was beginning to feel a little rundown so I wanted to refocus my goals & try something different.

Resistance training, HIIT, and actually taking rest days has done something pretty amazing for my body this month – I feel great and have more energy.


  1. Publish: I started working on one of my novels very seriously this month. Rereading & editing my existing work and adding a few chapters. I was really motivated and loved the feeling of focusing on something I’m so passionate about.
  2. Move: I got myself into a rock climbing gym this month. Really fun and a good challenge, but wow – This is such a killer on your forearms!
  3. Grateful: This month reminded me just how grateful I am to have a strong, healthy body. I may have a back injury but I was impressed by how much progress I made in the gym over the course of the past few weeks. Nothing is holding me back!
  4. Habits: January meant step one in cutting “No,” “I can’t,” and “Maybe later,” from my internal monologue. I hadn’t even realized how often I was making excuses or accepting the status quo until I made a conscious effort to stop.


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