February In Review

I always have mixed feelings about February – On one hand it’s nice to start the year with a short month, on the other hand, it was a great month so I wish there was more of it!


From preparing for Valentine’s Day with Tiffany & Co.’s stunning new T collection to venturing to the freezing but always-fabulous Manhattan for New York Fashion Week, February was filled with fun style moments.

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{Trendy Mondays – Peacock Print}


Unfortunately what usually suffers when I have a hectic month are my eating habits – And February was no exception. Luckily, in this case, that meant loads of smoothies and protein bowls. Quick, easy nutrition that lets me keep going!

Hopefully March will offer more kitchen time though – I’m craving crackling cauliflower and delicious, healthy Indian food.


The past two months have marked a big transition for me in terms of fitness. I shifted from lifting weights 5 days a week to doing primarily body-weight workouts, 3 times a week, and supplementing that with running, Pilates, and yoga.

The weather in San Francisco has been gorgeous so I’m having trouble keeping myself inside, but if you’re gym-bound, be sure to check out my Gym Etiquette post and make sure you’re not making these mistakes!

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{Beginners Fitness}


  1. Publish: I’m excited to take on the role of Fashion Editor for Legally Vogue – We’re relaunching the website, starting a monthly video chat, and planning a fun launch party for this Spring filled with local fashion designers. Stay tuned for details.
  2. Move: Catch me if you can! I went from no running for three years to 2-3 runs a week and I’m loving the shift. Not only is it great to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, but I’m thrilled that my body is handling the transition to a higher-impact activity so well.
  3. Grateful: I may have spent February visiting New York and planning an island getaway for this Spring, but I couldn’t have appreciated San Francisco more. The views, the weather, the buildings, the restaurants, the people… I’m in love!
  4. Habits: Between my OCD-plan-ahead tendencies and my overly packed schedule I have a habit of clinging to my calendar like a lifeline. This month I made an effort to say yes to spontaneous outings and not stress about sticking to my To Do List on weekends. With excellent results! 🙂

How was YOUR February?


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