How To Stay Healthy At Work

Whether you’re running around after kids, stuck at a desk, or in and out of meetings all day, a hectic weekday schedule can wreak havoc on your healthy living goals. We get caught up and forget to eat. Or move. Or take any time for ourselves.

Here are some of the tips that have helped me make healthier choices on a daily basis.

[1.] Plan ahead

Having healthy snacks and meals ready and available will improve your chances of staying on track during the day. If you wait until you’re starving, you’re going to eat whatever you can find. Keeping trail mix, raw nuts, dried fruit {with no added sugar}, and energy bites in your desk, car, or handbag are great choices.

You can also bring in lunch to ensure healthy options – Whether it’s a giant salad, leftover Indian food, or even a healthy, nutrient-packed dessert.

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[2.] Stand Up

If you can swing it, a stand-up desk is a game changer.

Not only does it reduce pressure on your discs to lessen back pain, but it also helps strengthen muscles throughout your body and improves posture.

I’ve also found that it keeps me more alert throughout the work day.

[3.] Drink Up

The benefits of getting enough water throughout the day are never-ending – From helping your body maintain beneficial pH levels to improving your complexion to keeping you from snacking. Do you have trouble gulping down enough of the good stuff during the day? Try adding sliced fruit to your glass or bottle for an eye-catching reminder.

Do you drink juice or soda? Liquid calories can undo all your good work at the gym in no time, so try to limit yourself.

[4.] Move

Whether it’s going to the gym on your lunch break, biking to work, or talking a midday walk around the block, make an effort to move throughout the day. Don’t let your day begin and end at your desk.

I like to walk to and from my office, and I try to go to the gym every day at noon. I’ve found that if I set aside a block of time in my Outlook calendar for workout out, I’m pretty good about honoring that “me” time.

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[5.] Open Your Eyes

One of the unexpected side effects of being in an office building, surrounded by artificial lighting, is that it confuses our bodies. We have internal clocks that reset when they see sunlight – i.e. In the morning your body knows that its morning because it senses the sun. Try to go outside at some point during the day, even for a quick walk or to eat your lunch on a sunny bench, and you’ll be surprised how it changes your energy levels and sleep patterns.

Do YOU have any healthy work tips?


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