Travel Diary: Chania Crete

Welcome to the first MCLV Travel Diary entry for my 2015 trip to Greece. Since I’m having such a wonderful trip I wanted to take the time to share a bit of what I’ve learned and experienced.

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Our first destination was Chania –  Pronounced Ha-Nee-A – A picturesque port town located near one of the two airports on Crete. We rented an adorable two bedroom apartment a block and a half off the water which turned out to be the perfect location. Walking distance to the main square circled by cafés, grocery shopping, bakeries, and other little shops, close to a gorgeous old cathedral, and a few minutes from the restaurant-lined port.

We loved having the apartment as a jumping off point and spent a week happily making ourselves at home and taking day trips to all the nearby Must See locales. If you go online, fill out a form & pay a small fee you can register for an international drivers license and rent a car, the easiest and most efficient way to traverse the mountain covered island of Crete.

Below were some of our favorite destinations in and around Chania:

Chania Lighthouse – One of the Mediterranean’s oldest lighthouses, known as the jewel of the city. It’s a great little walk out to the sea wall and over to the tower, and it’s a landmark that you can see from all around the surrounding areas. I did a daily run from our apartment around the port with a little breather at the lighthouse each morning before we headed off on our next adventure.

Tamam – This little restaurant was one of the best meals we had while we stayed in Chania. Great atmosphere, lovely wine list, and seriously killer food. I didn’t think I’d find myself at a restaurant with too much food to consume but when I finally stopped to breathe I still had three half-full plates in front of me!

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Elafonisi – This small island off the Southwest coast of Crete has beautiful white and pink sand beaches, a stunning view of the aqua sea, and even some rocky crags for climbing. Whether you’re in the mood for snorkeling, rock & shell collecting, sunbathing or swimming, this is a charming location.

Milia Mountain Retreat – Up in the mountains above Chania there’s a sustainable, organic community that has a rustic eco-tourist approved restaurant. We stopped for a tasty lunch after a day at Elafonisi – Lots of veggie friendly options in a gorgeous mountainside cabin and they love to tell you about their food.

Imbros Gorge – This rocky canyon is a great hike for the actively minded tourist. Open most of the year and fairly easy to traverse, the 11km gorge is a great place for bird watching, the occasional sheep sighting, and enjoying the natural beauty of Southern Crete. Even the drive had some breathtaking vistas and stunning views of the snow-capped mountain range running through the center of the island.

Tavern Strata – This little family owned restaurant was our first stop upon arrival and we were welcomed by extremely friendly staff who helped us with our Greek sayings, answered all our first-timer questions, and served us excellent food & the best wine we had on the island. Unfortunately they don’t sell bottles of it, so if you want to taste this amazing local blend you have to stop by & ask for the house red!

Travel Diary Chania Crete Lighthouse Travel Lifestyle Fashion Food Fitness Blogger Elafonisi White Sand Beach

Chania Diving Center – After getting certified in the South East Asia and diving state-side in Hawaii, the sea life of Crete may not have been the most extraordinary I’ve witnessed, but the coral-covered caves and caverns were a Must See. We were lucky enough to get a private day of diving with the experienced & knowledgeable owner of CDC and loved everything from the dive sites to the shop front to the snacks!

Have YOU ever been to Greece?

Be sure to stay tuned for the Travel Diary for the rest of my stops on this Greek adventure, and follow me on Instagram for more pictures!


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