Working Out & Listening To Your Body

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned since I started getting interested in health and fitness a few years ago is the art of listening to your body.

It’s so easy to let your moods or your schedule dictate your workouts. Or lack there of. There are so many factors on a daily basis it’s a wonder any of us every make it to the gym at all – Not enough sleep, too busy, it’s raining, ate too much, don’t feel like it…

Working Out Fitness Gym Health Nutrition San Francisco Lifestyle Blogger Workout Style

While I love sitting down for Sunday Prep each week – Food preparation, meal planning, workout scheduling – I have learned to stop placing pressure and guilt on myself for changing things up.

A perfect week would have a combination of yoga, pilates, weight training, running, and biking. But some weeks all I want to do is run. Other weeks I’m too busy during the day and can only make it to yoga once or twice after work. But rather than letting that guilt ruin my day or my perspective, I’ve learned to roll with the punches.

Take Stock:

Ask yourself – Why do you want to skip your workout? If you’re tired or sore, try something less strenuous like a walk during your lunch break. If you had your heart set on a run but it’s pouring out, try the stationary bike. Are you completely not in the mood for a traditional work out? Try zumba or another new class to mix things up and keep yourself engaged.

Remind Yourself:

Take a second to remind yourself why you’re doing this. Are you trying to fit into a bridesmaid dress? Get ready for vacation? Prepare for a race? If you’re not interested in working out, what else could help you prepare? Going for a walk, scheduling a class later that week, meeting a friend for a hike instead of cocktails later in the week…

Working Out Fitness Gym Health Nutrition San Francisco Lifestyle Blogger Workout Style

That last one is a BIG thing for me these days. Instead of meeting friends for drinks or dinner I’ll suggest a walk or rock climbing or invite them over for a healthy meal. Then I get to see my fabulous friend without worrying about getting off track.

Let It Go:

Whatever you decide to do, accept that decision and move on. This is by far the hardest part for me. Whenever I skip yoga or miss a workout a deep sense of guilt overcomes me. It’s like I’m letting myself down.

One of my resolutions for 2015 has been to stop placing blame and guilt on myself and this is one of the areas I’ve been working on. For me the key is to mentally walk myself through the steps: (1) Yes, I’m deviating from my schedule. (2) No, it’s not the end of the world. And (3) I can try again tomorrow.

Need some inspiration to get started? Check out Healthy Body Inspiration and Workout Motivation.

Working Out Fitness Gym Health Nutrition San Francisco Lifestyle Blogger Workout Style

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How do YOU approach fitness?


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