Spring Cleaning: Closet Detox

I love Spring Cleaning. Love it.

I probably go through this similar ritual at least once a quarter. It’s cathartic. I love getting rid of clothes and doing deep cleans and rearranging my things. Somehow it gives me a different perspective.

In years past I’ve focused on reorganizing my closets and storage spaces, but this year I put in some much needed effort on the curating side of things. I went through every single piece in my closets and in my drawers to see what I wanted to keep, what I’ve never worn, what can be sold, what should be donated… It was quite a process but the end result of was an amazing sense of accomplishment and sartorial peace of mind.

Now I know if I reach for something it will fit and won’t need to be tailored or sent to the dry cleaners prior to being worn. Everything is current, and ready to wear.

Spring Cleaning Closet Organization San Francisco Fashion Lifestyle Blogger

So how did I get through this process? Read on!


I talked a bit about my first time using Twice here – Girls Night Out Fashion – And I’ve had nothing but great experiences since then. You order a selling kit online, fit the bag with clothes, shoes & handbags from approved brands {everything from Zara to designer pieces}, and then you’ll get an email with an offer for your order. Easy peasy Japanesey.


Poshmark is, without a doubt, the easiest and best way to sell your clothes and accessories online. The app makes it super easy and effective to not only sell, but shop as well.

You can check out my closet here under the username Moicontrelavie.


The rest of the clothes and accessories from my closet cleaning whirlwind were donated to the Goodwill.

Spring Cleaning Closet Organization San Francisco Fashion Lifestyle Blogger

{Images from Closet Porn Pinterest Board}

Getting rid of so much this year was really cathartic, I somehow feel lighter and more free, and an added bonus is that now I can actually move the hangers in my closets!

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How do YOU approach Spring Cleaning?


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