Fitness Friday Spotlight: Vint Fitness App

If you’re an MCLV regular you’ll know that I’m an active person. I lift, run, do yoga and Pilates, dabble in boxing… I consider myself pretty fit these days despite a chronic back injury.
Well on Saturday this little lifestyle blogger made her way down to SOMA for a fun morning of workouts and healthy treats with Stockholm based fitness app VINT. Not only did I get to meet some amazing fitness & lifestyle bloggers, trainers, and the fabulous team behind the app, but I got to do two workouts with the group.
For a flat monthly fee the app lets you sign up for personalized training sessions at times and locations that are convenient for YOU. Everything from bodyweight bootcamp-style workouts and boxing to dance and yoga. Classes will never have more than 4 people but you may find yourself enjoying one-on-one sessions as well.
It sounded like a pretty killer deal to me and I was excited to put some of their trainers through their paces Saturday. After two bodyweight group workouts I was sweaty, breathless, and pumped up. And then I tried to sit up on Sunday morning…
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{Check out some more coverage on this fun event from fitness badass Ashley of A Lady Goes West, my partner for the pair workout, Jenna of Jenna Rose Colored Glasses, and fellow fashion & fitness blogger Jill of Champagne For Everyday.}
Since injuring my lower back core has become a way of life.  I take my core work very seriously and I thought that the days of being sore from an abdominal-centric workout were long gone. However as I tried, and failed, to sit up on Sunday I realized that I’d just found a workout that pushed me even further than I push myself.
I’m officially a convert!
You can even get yourself a $10 discount on your first workout if you sign up right now! Click here & join the revolution!
What’s YOUR favorite fitness app?


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4 Responses to Fitness Friday Spotlight: Vint Fitness App

  1. Yay for Vint and you awesome ladies! Also, I did not realize you had a chronic lower back injury – we need to talk about this! xx

  2. As always, it was so good to see you and participate in this workout, pretty lady! 🙂

  3. Hello, Thanks for sharing such a great fitness app…Best blog. It’s really good information. Everybody wants to set up the healthy body and this blog is very helpful. Good information and good research. It is helpful.I like your article because now a days everyone looks for latest technologies and easy done.


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