Blogger Tips: Creating Content

Whether you’re a lifestyle blogger, a fashion blogger, a beauty blogger… There are things you should remember when you’re writing. Here are five quick tips for making sure that your content is being as effective as possible for your goals.

[1.] Who are you talking to?

Your content – Whether it’s on social media, in a newsletter, or on your website – Should be directed at a specific audience. If your message is too broad it will ignored. If it’s too narrow, it will miss its mark. So spend some time determining who your ideal audience is.

Marie Forleo’s B Should included an excellent exercise for students to create an Ideal Customer Avatar. You can learn more about the practice here – How To Position Your Product To Sell.

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{The ever-stylish KatwalkSF showing us how its done!}

[2.] Consistency is key!

My number one tip for creating an effective online presence is to be consistent. Set aside time each week or a couple of times a month to draft, review, and schedule your content – Blog posts, social media blasts, email newsletters etc.

If you’re not in front of a computer all day, don’t despair, there are apps – Like the ever popular Hoot Suite – That allow you to schedule social media blasts and blog platforms like WordPress allow you to plan the time and date for posts in advance.

Want more tips? Head over to Legally Vogue and see the full post – Writing Content: 5 Things to Remember


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