A Day In The Life

After some impassioned questions about my eating habits and staying on track with my fitness regime, I decided to do a little A Day In The Life post to give all of my lovely readers a peek into my day-to-day life.

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  • Warm water & lemon
  • Homemade detox drink {I’m lucky enough to have a drawer in my office’s kitchen for all my goodies}
  • Tea – Either lemongrass green tea or peppermint

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{Protein Smoothie}


  • Small breakfast – I just shifted from doing intermittent fasting to eating breakfast so I’m easing into the transition with smaller meals in the am. I also try to keep them low in sugar.
  • Green smoothie, overnight oats with protein powder {recipe coming soon!} & coconut milk or a pre-made tofu scramble


  • Liquids! I drink herbal tea and lemon water all day long. If I’m having green tea I stop at 12pm.


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{Running Style}


  • My 12pm workout is non-negotiable. It’s on my and my boss’s Outlook calendar so everyone knows I’m going. Even if I’m exhausted I’ll just go sit on a stationary bike or head outside for a walk. But regardless of how I’m feeling, I move my body at 12pm every day.
  • Midweek workouts vary from lifting in the gym downstairs in my office building to hitting the Embarcadero for a run. I try to lift/do circuit workouts 3 days a week and run/run stairs 2x a week, but sometimes I mix things up if I’m in the mood for more or less of something.


  • Smoothie time! Even if I have a green smoothie in the morning I have a nutrient & protein-rich smoothie at 1pm Monday through Friday.
  • Recipes may vary, but the base is always spinach or a spinach-and-kale mix. In the protein powder department I like to keep things interesting and switch between Emily Skye’s Organic Vanilla, Sun Warrior’s Vanilla, and PlantFusion’s Vanilla Bean. They’re all vegan, gluten-free, and raw – And I’ve found, through years of research, that vanilla flavors usually work best with green smoothies.


  • Snacks vary from raw nuts to apples with almond butter to chia seed puddings. Whatever I’m in the mood for!


  • I try to get in a class after work 2-3 days a week. I adore Glow Yoga & Wellness in North Beach and try to catch yoga, Pilates, or Barre when I can. I’ve also fallen for local fitness app Vint and have had fun trying weights & boxing through them.

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{Crackling Cauliflower}


  • I try not to eat after 7pm if possible, but obviously dinner is a must, so I fit it in whenever I can. I rarely eat out during the week and do Sunday prep to make midweek dinners easier.
  • Dinners vary but with all the gorgeous Summer produce in my CSA lately I’ve been eating lots of giant meal-sized salads and fresh tomato & bean dishes that are delicious cold.


What’s YOUR daily routine like?


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