Quick & Easy Halloween Costumes

This time of year is magical. The crisp air. The leaves turning. The pumpkin-flavored everything.

So why ruin the magic with stressful, or expensive, Halloween costumes? I’m a huge fan of Halloween – Huge – I actually dressed up three times last year. And put ears on all my colleagues. I’ve been asked not to do that again.

And one of my favorite ways to get dressed up for Halloween is by using things already in my closet. Occasionally I’ll order a prop or special accessory, but for the most part my costumes are pulled from what’s already in my apartment.

Dress As Your Drink:

I participated in a Dress As Your Drink themed party when I lived in Rome during college and it was beyond fun.

  • Jungle Juice – Orange shirt + leaves stuck all over. Et voila!
  • Bacchus – The God of Wine himself. Go for a toga and leafy wreath on the head, or dress in head-to-toe burgundy like your favorite bottle of vino!
  • Martini – Wear white & carry an olive prop or a cocktail shaker

What did I dress as? Champagne, mais bien sur. Cream-colored wide legged pants, cream blouse, and a white-on-cream polka dotted scarf in lieu of bubbles!

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Dress As An Era:

  • 60’s – Mod styling at its finest. Think Twiggy, go-go boots, and anything that would have shown up in Austin Powers.
  • 70’s – Flower child & hippie chic. Woodstock, bell bottoms, and face paint.
  • 80’s – Madonna. Enough said.

Dress As A TV Show:

Pick a current, or an old – Think M.A.S.H., I Dream of Jeannie, or Bewitched – TV show and get creative with the pieces in your closet.

  • Friends
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • That 70’s Show
  • Saved By The Bell
  • Mad Men

Period dramas can make it especially fun so Downtown Abbey and Mad Men are great choices if you want to get retro with your styling!

Need more ideas? Check out some of my previous posts: Halloween Costume Ideas, DIY Halloween Costumes & Halloween Must Haves.

What’s YOUR go-to easy Halloween costume?


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