Every year around my birthday I like to do a little reflecting. Last year it was about life in your Twenties vs Thirties {Hint – I’m pro thirties!} and the year before it was a Birthday Wisdom post on lessons learned.

So what am I going to ramble on about this year as I’m ringing in my birthday? The most important thing actually…


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In a consumer-driven and internet-centric world that reinforces ‘wants’ and ‘should haves,’ its easy to let your day-to-day happiness be based on what you have or don’t have. The latest clothes. The newest phone. The best car.

This past year has included some personal shifts not only in mentality but in where I choose to focus my energies.

Doing fewer things just for the sake of doing them. Stopping to smell the roses. Both figuratively and literally. And taking time to work on my own personal inner growth & happiness.

What does that mean?

Making time for the people who make me smile. Making time for activities that make me breath deeply. Making time for silence and quiet.

Yoga, running, meditation, and reading my favorite inspirational authors on a weekly basis have all been life changing. Even if I don’t have time for a full yoga class, which I rarely do, I’ll do a 10 minute Tara Stiles video on YouTube. Can’t sit quietly for 30 minutes each night? I’ll do a 5 minute guided Kundalini meditation before bed. Don’t have the time or energy for a 30 minute run? 10 minutes of stairs is the perfect head-clearer. I mean, can you think about your To Do List while you’re trying to keep your balance and not miss a step?

So, in summary, my biggest lesson for this past year was to turn INWARD to find happiness. Do I love getting a new handbag? Obviously. Do I look forward to date night? Yup! But not only do I not rely on those things to fulfill me, but I can enjoy them more since I’ve already found my happiness. They’re icing on the cake!

So tell me – What makes YOU happy?


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