Friday Wanderlust: Travel To Do List

I’m a traveler at heart.

When people ask the standard “What would you do if you won the lottery?” question, my first answer is always the same: “Travel.”

In additional to living in Rome during college and traveling extensively before and after my semester abroad, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to travel to a number of countries in Western Europe, South East Asia, and South America.

So what’s left on this girl’s To Do List? So many countries and destinations it’s almost disheartening… I’ll just start with my top five!

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{Caesarea from my Wanderlust Pinterest Board}

  1. Turkey – Ephesus, the site of the largest temple of Artemis from antiquity and one of the Wonders of the Ancient world, as well as Troy, Achilles’s tomb, and Istanbul.
  2. Machu Picchu – I’m dying to head down to visit before the government starts closing portions off from tourists.
  3. Petra – Doesn’t sound familiar? Remember those amazing sandy cliffs and hidden chambers from the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? That’s Petra!
  4. Caesarea – This ancient port city is on the coast of Israel and was built by Herod the Great.
  5. Egypt – There are almost an endless number of sites in Egypt I’d like to visit but the top picks are the Feum District – Where Alexander the Great received the prophecy that he was the son of a God – The Pyramids at Giza, and the ruins of the ancient city of Alexandria.

And yes, I realize that I am a HUGE nerd. I’ve come to terms with that and I kind of like it.

What’s YOUR top destination?


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