Links You’ll Love: Stress Busting

Welcome back to another Links You’ll Love round-up. Today we’re focusing on dealing with something that haunts most of our waking moments – Stress!

That can mean all sorts of things, from learning to channel positivity to giving meditation a try to picking workouts that’ll help clear your mind. So read on to find some stress-busting techniques that might work for you!

If I had to pick a mentor from the huge pool of talented businesswomen making their mark on the industry right now, my top choice would be Gabby Bernstein. I’ve read all her books, taken her online classes, listen to her talks, subscribe to her newsletter, stalk read her website… She’s also the individual who introduced me to both Kundalini yoga and daily meditation. Needless to say I’m a huge fan. Here’s her advice for coping with the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life:

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Getting quality sleep is an incredibly important part of dealing with daily stressors so read up on Harper’s Bazaar’s top suggestions – Secrets to Better Sleep.

Stress is unavoidable, the key to managing and reacting in positive, helpful ways. Check out Mind Body Green’s 8 Easy Ways To Combat Stress & Anxiety (In 8 Minutes Or Less)

Learning to work through bad moods and create a better mindspace for yourself is a valuable lesson to learn. Check out A Lady Goes West’s A Simple Way To Improve Your Mood Each Day for pointers.

Another strong female figure breaking out online right now is Marie Forleo, I highly recommend checking out her weekly newsletter, and as an entrepreneur she knows all about stress. Check out some of her related videos for dealing with that feeling without getting overwhelmed:

Are you a fan of Ted Talks? Check out  Kelly McGonigal’s How To Make Stress Your Friend

What’s YOUR top coping mechanism? 


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