Guest Etiquette: Great Guest Tips

Guest etiquette, like most etiquette, seems to have taken a hit in recent years.

While I truly believe these suggestions are best utilized year-around, I thought that timing this post near the holidays would be a good reminder for everyone as they head into the season of cocktail soirees, tree lightings, and cooking-making parties.

Don’t Show Up Empty Handed

I don’t care if you’re going to your neighbor’s house for a quick eggnog tasting or a cocktail party – You should always bring something for your host.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or over-the-top, just a little something to say that you appreciate the invitation.

Some of my go-to’s are wine, a great wine opener, flowers or a small potted plant, homemade desserts, or something great for the kitchen like artisanal salts or speciality herbs.

Note: Don’t bring something that requires your host to stop everything that they’re doing. If you wrap a gift, leave it with them to open when they have time rather than as they’re trying to juggle a million things.

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{Uber chic Kate Spade stationary is a great way to say Thank You!}

Communicate In Advance

Do you have a food allergy? Are you bringing your child? Plan to be late? Communicate any and all deviations to your host in advance.

For someone like with me who has a complicated diet, I usually explain my allergies and immediately offer to bring something that’s Caity-friendly. A salad for dinner is no problem for me {I usually eat before parties/events for that very reason} but I’ve discovered that hosts fear I’ll starve so I offer to bring dessert or a side to share.

Say Thank you

A Thank You note is a non-negotiable. Not only does everyone LOVE receiving mail, but your host will really appreciate that you took the time to write a card after all the time & energy they spent putting the event together.

I keep pretty notes in my desk drawer at the office to send after weekend events. Some of my favorites are Crane & Co. and Kate Spade New York.

Curious about my views on other kinds of etiquette? Check out past posts on this: Work, Travel, Gym & Salon.

What’s YOUR top guest tip?


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