November In Review

When November rolls around each year a number of things usually happen. I suddenly remember my New Years Resolutions, I dive gleefully into the holiday season, and I am reminded how crazy this time of year can be. Events, travel, family time, holiday preparations, and trying to keep my booty in shape for all the parties and trips.

Fashion & Beauty:

I loved getting a chance to work with some great local companies, designers, and photographers this month. I shared my first of three looks with outerwear company A by Anubha, as well as the beginning of the dE ROSAIRO Travel Capsule that will simplify your packing and your closet.

I also got to work with Brad of Pacifica Gallery and Jill of Champagne for Everyday on an upcoming event with the oh-so-fabulous Tiffany & Co.

I was especially lucky to work with Breather here in San Francisco and get some meditation & writing time in one of their gorgeous Union Square spaces. You can even get a discount on your first hour with them, check out the details here.

Retro Swing Coat A by Anubha Outerwear San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style

{A by Anubha: Retro Swing Coat}


I shared some great holiday recipes – Like Peanut Butter Cookies – And a fun food diary {What I’m Eating Lately} this month, plus I got serious about seasonal dietary shifts and listening to your body, and healthy snack ideas.

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I shared some of my favorite workouts this month – From running to yoga & Pilates – Plus a killer Winter Workout Playlist to get you motivated for your next workout.

Stay tuned for a fun new fitness project in 2016 and a monthly round-up of my workouts!

Peanut butter cookies Vegan gluten-free paleo dairy-free desserts san francisco bay area fashion food fitness lifestyle blogger

{Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo-Friendly Peanut Butter Cookies}


  1. Publish: Magazine and website submissions were a priority this month, but in December I have a different goal for myself!
  2. Move: With all the stress and travel, and resulting lack of access to gym equipment, this month involved a lot of running. It felt great and I kept the runs short to avoid back pain.
  3. Grateful: Trips to Napa and New York this month reminded me how grateful I am to have so many wonderful travel options available to me, and to be healthy enough to enjoy them!
  4. Habits: November was all about enjoying the moment. Not stressing or worrying or planning, just BEING. Basking in family time, making plans with friends, relishing new sights… November = Happiness overload.

What’s on YOUR mind going into December?


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