Holiday Stress Survival Tips

The holidays are wonderful.

Great food. Loved ones. Travel. Parties. Decorations. Skiing trips.

But there’s also stress. A lot of stress. More stress than any other time of the year. Hosting parties, attending a never-ending stream of holiday events, making food, waiting in long lines, holiday traffic & travel, and shopping, shopping, shopping.

Since you have to take the not-so-good with the great, here are a few tips to help you survive this holiday season in one happy, grateful piece.

  • Stay Organized: To Do Lists, planners, and digital calendars are all great ways to keep yourself on top of your obligations. There’s nothing worse than realizing that you’re late for something, missed an event, or need an emergency gift, so be as diligent as you can about putting things in your calendar.

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  • Find Your Zen: Whether you’re a fan of meditation, find breath work relaxing, or know the joy that is a fulfilling yoga practice, make sure that you make time for those mind-clearing activities.
  • Move: Exercise is one of the best ways to combat stress. Not only does it get endorphins pumping that lift your mood, but it gives you time away from your stressors to get perspective. So run or grab a class or even just go for a walk.
  • Me Time: Buy your favorite flowers for your bedside table, light some delicious candles at home, take a hot bubble bath, get a deep tissue massage – Whatever works for your schedule, make space for a little me time.
  • Accept that things won’t always work out, and that’s why there’s wine. Cheers!

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Do YOU have a go-to stress coping mechanism?


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