Bay Area Fitness: A Lady Goes West

One of my not-so-secret fitness blogger crushes is Ashley from A Lady Goes West.

Not only does she have a wildly motivational blog and killer social media channels, but she’s just about the sweetest, most inspirational person you’ll meet. Always smiling. Always upbeat. Always up to try something new.

And who better than someone who makes their living as a fitness coach & lifestyle badass to give us some {much-needed} tips on everything from workouts to diet?

Bay Area Fitness Ashley Pitt A Lady Goes West San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Workout Gym Blogger

MCLV: You’ve a Bay Area Fitness Blogger institution – How did you get involved in fitness? When did you decide to make healthy living the foundation of your career?

ALGW: It was a slow process, but a good one — because it set me on the right path! I began teaching group fitness as a side hobby while working in the corporate world at a PR agency several years ago when I was living in Florida. After moving to San Francisco, my interest in fitness started to grow, so I started to get certified to teach additional programs, and I studied to become a certified personal trainer as well. Once I had a plan in place, I ended up leaving my “day job” and jumped into fitness full-time, with writing and blogging also on tap.

MCLV: Can you tell us about the name of your blog and how you decided on it?

ALGW: Yes! I started my blog three years ago when I moved from Florida to California, which of course was my chance to “Go West.” I’ve always like to joke around that I’m a “lady,” so it fit as the perfect description.

MCLV: What’s your fitness training/background? Have you studied nutrition at all or have you learned by experience?

ALGW: Over the years, I’ve done a lot of training! I’m a certified personal trainer through NESTA, a certified LES Mills BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK and CXWORK group fitness instructor, a Kettlebell Athletics certified trainer, an Orangetheory Fitness Coach, a Pre and Post-Natal certified personal trainer, and I’m CPR/AED certified as well. While I didn’t study exercise science in school, I’ve done a lot of learning on the job as a trainer as well as through all of my certification workshops.

I have no formal training in nutrition either, but I certainly know what works for me and keep an eye on the industry research. I’d love to get formal training in nutrition one day, because as a personal trainer, you cannot legally give nutrition prescriptions to clients unless you have that additional backing and credential. Food and nutrition are HERE to stay as important parts of a healthy lifestyle, so I’d love to get into it more.

Bay Area Fitness Ashley Pitt A Lady Goes West San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Workout Gym Blogger

MCLV: I know you’re busy doing all sorts of fun & exciting activities during the week, and your days aren’t uniform, but could you give us an idea of what a typical day looks like for you?

ALGW: Yes! My days are never the same, but they have the same elements in different order. Typically, I wake up early to work on my blog, then I head to the studio to teach a class or two. I come home in the middle of the day to continue doing blog work, freelance writing projects and tons of preparation for the classes I teach. Then, I head back to the gym to teach more classes in the evening. At night, I like to eat dinner at home with my husband and watch TV, only to repeat the process again the next day.

I also fit in my own workout everyday for about an hour. Some of the classes that I teach require me to do the workout of the day (which serves as my sweat session), but some of them do not. Therefore, I work out at all different times of the day depending on my teaching schedule. I’m never in one place for long, so I have to be mobile!

MCLV: Your Instagram feed is filled with delicious looking food, and it’s clear that not only do you appreciate a good meal, but you’re also a fan of the occasional indulgence. If you could describe your diet or you approach to food – How would you?

ALGW: Ha! YES! I love to eat! And I love to look at pictures of good food. I would say that I eat very healthy Monday through Friday, and I indulge in a glass or two of wine and an extra dessert on the weekends, every single weekend. (Which is a must if you live in the Bay Area and like to dine out at all of the fabulous restaurant around here!)

I do not avoid any food groups, but try to keep my processed-food intake to a minimum. Although I’m not opposed to quality protein bars for snacking. I try to be as realistic as possible when it comes to eating, so that means my diet is far from perfect.

Perfect eating just isn’t life!

Bay Area Fitness Ashley Pitt A Lady Goes West San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Workout Gym Blogger

{Images from Leah Bentley Photography}

MCLV: What does a typical day look like for you food-wise?

ALGW: I have a pretty standard rotation of food! First meal of the day is an overnight oats mixture, made with Greek yogurt, almond milk, oats, chia seeds and flavorings, topped with a banana. I have that with green tea.

For lunch, I typically eat a baked sweet potato, eggs and avocado, all mixed together (if you haven’t tried this combo, you should!).

Before my workout, I’ll have some trail mix, a protein bar or another yogurt. After my workout, I have a plant-based protein shake.

And for dinner, I’ll have spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs, or chicken, brown rice and roasted veggies or any sort of lean meat and greens.

And for dessert on a healthy weeknight? Almond milk and coconut-covered dates! The perfect sweet ending!

Tell me – Who is YOUR fitness inspiration?


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