January Goals & Resolutions

In my 2016 Goals & Resolutions: Simplify post I talked about my approach to living in the moment and set out some plans for the year. Rather than focus on projects and my To Do List – This year is going to be about how I’m feeling as I approach life. It’s about improving my attitude, and as a result, hopefully improving my outlook and what I get out of each day.


While I had Simplify on the brain this month, my execution wasn’t 100%. There was a little bit of shopping but I was proud of my compliance on the book-buying side of things. I love books and have had trouble switching over to a tablet full-time, but did a good job of ordering for my Kindle instead of physical books this month. That means no new trees being cut down and no transportation costs/pollution. I’ll take the win!

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{2016 Wanderlust Adventures}

Be Grateful:

One of the highlights for January was planning vacations for the first half of 2016 – Two very different trips that both have me quite excited. The whole process not only reminded me of how grateful I am to live in a location that’s easy to travel from, but that I live a life that affords me these opportunities.

I don’t know who I would be if I couldn’t indulge my wanderlust and I’m grateful that I can get away and explore the world!

Give Back:

I shared one of my favorite non-profits this month in the new Giving Back series. If you’re an animal lover please head over and read about Farm Sanctuary.

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{Giving Back: Farm Sanctuary}

So stay tuned as I share more of my favorite local, national, and international non-profits and charitable organizations!

Have YOU thought about your resolutions lately? How’re they coming?


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