I’ve talked about meditation before but I wanted to spend a post to really focus on it for a few minutes.

When someone first explained the practice to me, I was baffled. I have a million things to do and you want me to stop, sit still, and clear my mind?

Never. Going. To. Happen.

And then I tried it… And I was hooked.

Meditation means something different to everyone. For some people it’s the perfect start to the day, for others it’s repeating a mantra throughout the day whenever they need it, and for others it’s an all-day everyday lifestyle.

I think the major takeway is that this practice is deeply personal. You develop a practice that works for YOU, for your needs and your lifestyle.

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I run out the door every morning, makeup barely on, to get to the office at an ungodly hour. That means that, as wonderful as it would be, lighting a candle and enjoying a few minutes of blissful solitude each morning is not feasible right now.

Instead, I do a 5-10 guided meditation in a dark conference room at my office later in the morning a few times a week and a kundalini meditation before bed each night.

Guided meditations are GREAT if you have trouble clearing your mind or find yourself in need of meditation when you’re in a hectic or loud space.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Tell me – Have YOU tried a form of meditation?


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