Bethanimalprint Interview: Pregnancy Tips

After sharing the first post in this three-part pregnancy series with Bethann of Bethanimalprint, we’re back to share part two – Pregnancy Tips.

Namely, some healthy and feasible ways to approach fashion, food & fitness during the course of your pregnancy. It’s not a seamless transition, nor is the process going to be effortless, but with an expert like Miss Bethann in your corner, we’re hoping to make things a little bit easier for you.

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  • Favorite style or easy-to-pull off sartorial twists you’d recommend for ladies coming to terms with their bumps?

Showing off your bump is half the fun! I gravitate to non-maternity styles that are a little looser like this dress. Free People is great for pieces like that! Anything that can be worn throughout pregnancy and after is a win as long as it’s comfortable!

  • Did you have a go-to recipe during your latest pregnancy? I know cravings are different for every woman, but I’m sure you have some great quick midweek meal ideas that would save time & energy for expectant moms.

Being a creature of habit, I could eat the same thing everyday for weeks, sometimes even months, before getting sick of it. This pregnancy I had egg whites, fruit and turkey bacon for breakfast. Lunches and dinners had more variety in that I would scrounge up whatever I could at the office most days. Avocado rolls were a favorite.  

Pregnancy Tips Bethanimalprint San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness lifestyle Blogger Street Style Fitness Workout FitLife Maternity

  • You kicked booty in the gym throughout your pregnancy, though I’m sure your workouts changed as your body did. How do you recommend changing your workout regime to keep yourself healthy & fit, without exhausting a growing body too much?

I’m no expert here, I just listened to my body and modified accordingly. I did a lot of spin, barre and yoga. I had to give up spin in the third trimester when I couldn’t pedal without my knees splaying outwards (not good!).

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