Running Essentials

One of the things that I love about running is that it’s a no-nonsense kind of sport. In the mood for a run? All your really need are shoes and you’re out the door.

No gym subscriptions. No specialty gear. No expensive equipment.

That being said, as I’ve perfected my craft in recent years, I’ve developments a little kit of running essentials that make hitting the pavement easy.

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Shoes: I was recently informed that my beloved Brooks PureFlows don’t have enough padding for my increasingly tired feet, so I’m currently rotating between two pairs of Mizuno WaveInsight 11s. They’re ridiculously comfortable

Arm Band: I always take my phone with me when I run. In part because I love to snap a few pictures of a beautiful view when I come upon it – Check out my Instagram account for those! – And for safety. In case I run too far or get lost or hurt myself, I want a fully charged phone in case of any emergency. Enter my Nike Running Arm Band.

Headphones: A friend got me a pair of Bose in-ear headphones that I LOVE. Full disclosure, I’m a semi-professional headphone breaker with a very impressive record. Those “amazing” Beats By Dre headphones? Almost made it to 3 months. These babies are killer though, great sound & super durable. I’ve had them since November and I’m still in the honeymoon phase.

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6 Responses to Running Essentials

  1. Love it! Are you’re BOSE’s noise cancelling? I really want to get some of these but scared to be fully deaf outside!!

    • You don’t lose contact with the outside world, especially if you’re diligent about keeping the volume manageable, but they cancel out enough so that you’re not distracted by everything around you. Which is my problem. #ADHD

  2. Love the headphones and the Mizuno running shoes…:)

  3. Nice pic… the headphones looks nice!

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