Hello – I’m a Fitness Addict

While the word “addict” tends to have a fairly immediate negative connotation, I’d place “Fitness Addict” up there in the same category with “Green Smoothie Addict” & “Fabletics Addict.”

i.e. Mostly Harmless, but you might not want to get into a conversation with one of them because they’ll enthusiastically talk your ear off & try to convert you.

Orange Theory Walnut Creek Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Meet-Up San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

{Blogger Meet-Up: Orange Theory}

But I figure if you’re here, on a Fashion, Food, and FITNESS website, you’re probably similarly inclined, so I’ll carry on with my excited chatter.

So why would I consider myself an addict?

First, because exercise is mind altering for me!

If I’m stressed out or worried or angry, a workout is the fastest way to a good mood. It literally alters my mind!

If I’m tired or sore, a short run usually energizes and loosens me up. It really does, I swear!

If I want to socialize, I’d usually rather do it over yoga & green juice or a Blogger Fitness event, than drinks or unhealthy food.

Barry's Bootcamp San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Workout Gym Blogger

{2016 Fitness Adventures: Barry’s Bootcamp Review}

And second, a subset of being a fitness addict that goes beyond the love of an actual workout, is that it means I’m also focused on healthy eating, hydration, recovery, and sleep. All important factors for helping to create a happy, healthy life.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, loving fitness and having a habit of choosing workouts over cocktails means that I’ve met some amazing, inspiring, motivational people here in San Francisco.

We may start our fledgling friendships over our love of Barry’s Bootcamp & Larabars, but the interests tend to go beyond that once you have that initial bonding moment. You might even be able to talk them into doing a year-long Fitness Adventures Blog series or into letting you interview them about All Things Fitness for your website.

Tell me my little gym bunnies – Why are YOU a fitness addict? What do you think of that phrase?


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