Wellness versus Labels

Today we’re going to be chatting about something that’s very close to my heart. Since day one of beginning this blog, I knew that it was important to me to relay to my readers the importance of individualism when it comes to health.

Whether we’re talking about diet or fitness or supplements, I very strongly believe that everyone has their own perfect approach. There is NO ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to health. Sometimes it takes years of trial and error to find what works for you – I’m the perfect example of that – But it’s an educational journey of discovering your body and your health that I think is truly worthwhile.

Labels can often hinder your personal progress because you get caught up in a laundry list of Do This and Don’t Eat That. It can also be detrimental if setting yourself up comfortably under a given label means that you stop looking, stop thinking, or stop experiencing.

There’s no right and there’s no wrong when it comes to wellness – It’s up to you to find what’s best for your circumstances.

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So how do you start this journey? You have to teach yourself to listen to your body – Something that we tend to forget as we grow up. {If you’re looking for more information on nutritional journeys and combating modern ailments through diet please check out Nutrition & Disease}

I was really moved reading The Balanced Blonde’s Breaking Vegan: Jordan Younger’s Unexpected Journey Out Of Orthorexia piece – She shared her story of becoming so preoccupied with her “Vegan” label that her health and wellness suffered as a result. Eating disorders often masquerade as diets and that’s another reason that I recommend not succumbing to the need to label your approach to food.

I encourage you all to think about your personal wellness and whether you’ve done everything that you can to think outside the box and give yourself a chance to lead the healthiest life possible.

What do YOU think about dietary labels? Does a certain label equate wellness in your book?


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