March Resolutions & April Goals

I’m going to be honest with you. When I started writing this post all I could think was – OH MY GOSH HOW IS IT MARCH ALREADY? And after that brief freak out, I got down to the business at hand. Namely reflecting on how the 1st quarter of 2016 has been going.

When I look back, the first word that comes to mind is: Fun. I’ve had a great year so far – Weekends away, redecorating my apartment, working with new brands, starting a new fitness series

There are always ups and downs – Full disclosure, I started painting my apartment in December & it’s not done yet – But the year has been overwhelmingly productive, entertaining, and transformative.

Let’s keep this up!

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{Weekend Meal Prepping}


It’s the season for road trips and weekends away so I downloaded this month and started my first book on a recent trip up to Tahoe – The Martian! It felt great not buying a physical book on tape that I knew I wouldn’t listen to again.

I also put a stop on new purchases this month. Supplements and food stuffs aside, I majorly reduced online purchases. Which are probably 90% of my purchases over all…

Be Grateful:

A medical procedure early in March reminded me just how grateful I am for my body. It’s easy to forget what you have until it’s {temporarily} gone. I spent the rest of the month celebrating my body with great workouts and healthy food – Reinforcing just how much it means to have a strong, healthy body to rely on every day.

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 {Social Fitness & Workout Dates}

Give Back:

This month I got involved with the international educational aid organization ASKenya {African Schools of Kenya} and couldn’t be more excited to get to know the student that I’m sponsoring and watch her progress and evolution over the coming years.

I’m really enjoying sharing some of my favorite ways to give back this year – Do you have a favorite non-profit?

Q1 2016 is over – What’s YOUR favorite memory from the first forth of the year?


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