Fitness Goals: Consistency

Welcome back to the 2016 Fitness Goals series!

After my sharing my first goal for the year – Booty Booty Booty – I’m back to share my second long-term goal.

And believe me when I say, this is a LONG TERM goal.

The number one thing a nutritionist or trainer will tell you is important when you’ve developing a healthy lifestyle is: Consistency.

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I’m a healthy person. I workout 5+ times a week, I eat well {most of the time}, and I put time & energy into creating a healthy, happy life for myself.

That being said, I definitely go off the rails from time to time. Which is, of course, fine, it’s just about making sure that your deviations aren’t too dramatic or too unhealthy.

Eating out. A decadent dessert. A glass of wine. All great treats. Binging on a whole pizza solo? Not ideal.

So my goal of consistency isn’t about weeding out all deviations, it’s about making consistently healthy choices, namely – Move Every Day.

Walking is a great way to meet this goal. I’m lucky to live in a city like San Francisco that’s small and pedestrian friendly – I can walk to work, the grocery store, the gym, dinner… And the added benefit is that scheduling a few extra minutes for a walk to a destination gives me some much-needed alone time to recharge and prepare.

How do YOU feel about your consistency health-wise? What’s your top fitness goal for 2016?


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