Self Care

When you’re stressed at work and rushing to meet deadlines, all the while trying to juggle home obligations and a social life, sometimes you forget to take care of YOURSELF.

But the truth of the matter is – How much good are you to your friends, family, or even your co-workers if you’re exhausted and miserable?

Enter: Self Care.

Today’s we’re going to chat about the things that you can do to show yourself a little love and make sure that you’re giving your health and happiness the attention they deserve.

So how do I show self-love?

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Need some ideas to get yourself started? You’ll love Kris Carr’s Self Care Planner filled with wonderful suggestions and new ideas to try out.

Part of taking care of yourself is listening to your body and knowing when there’s a problem. Not sure what’s going on? You’re not alone! Check out this thought-provoking piece – I Was Tired, Bloated, & Stressed Out. Here’s How I Fixed My Hormones & Regained My Health from Mind Body Green. Even though the doctors said nothing was wrong, she knew her body, and she found a way back to health.

Sometimes your mindset is just about your mood and a conscious adjustment can make all the difference in the world. Need a boost? Read Harper’s Bazaar’s How To Be Happier and try to make a shift today!

Self Care Nighttime Ritual San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

Sleep is one of the most vital things that the body needs to stay healthy, so why not Fall Asleep Faster?

One of my favorite ways to show self-love is by working out. Letting my body sweat out the bad and enjoy a good endorphin rush. Want to give it a try? 19 Thoughts You Have About a Morning Workout from Shape is a good start!

Can’t sleep? Maybe you should Declutter Your Mind.

Tell me YOUR favorite way to show yourself some love!


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