Active Rest Days

I don’t take rest days.

Yes, I can hear the collective gasp of horror by those who have been trained or taught that rest days are MUST.

As I discussed in my Wellness Versus Labels post, I think it’s important to take a journey of self discovery to determine what the best diet & fitness regime are for you. And I’ve spent the last few years trying different things to see what works best for me.

And believe me, this isn’t just because I’m a Fitness Addict.

In my case it’s actually because my body needs activity on a daily basis to keep my pain levels down. Enter – Active Rest Days.

So what does this entail? No actual workouts or runs, but I find a way to move in different ways to keep my whole body healthy and engaged.

Yes, I allow myself to recover from my workouts – That’s VITAL – But I play things by ear and listen to my body. For me, it’s important to keep moving.

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My favorite Active Rest Activities are:

  • Walking or Hiking
  • Stretching
  • Light Yoga {a 15 minute Tara Stiles YouTube video is perfection or try a mellow 50 minute flow class}

Tell me – How do YOU feel about rest days?


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One Response to Active Rest Days

  1. I keep telling Paul that he shouldn’t take rest days, just because he’s doing 4 Barry’s a week!! But he will argue he is “listening to his body”. I couldn’t agree with that more! If I have a day off, I need to at LEAST walk. Nothing feels worse than a 11 hour sitting session at work, grinding like I did yesterday. xxx

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