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The two main keys for a successful roadtrip in my mind are being comfortable and being entertained. After the long list of roadtrips last Summer and this Spring’s gauntlet beginning, it seemed like a good time to offer you some suggestion and see if you can tell me anything I’m missing!

Get Comfortable:

The right clothes are key. For late/early trips, I prefer something stretchy. If you’re getting in the car for a late night voyage, or getting up at the crack of dawn, comfort is paramount!

And by stretchy I mean my Victoria’s Secret Sport Stirrup Pants. I’m obsessed.

Midday trips are usually comfortable pants and a tunic top, or a lightweight dress.

Stay Hydrated:

Water bottles are an essential for me on a daily basis and especially if I’m heading out-of-town.  Flying wreaks havoc on your skin, so water is all the more important if you’re airport-bound.

And it’s great how many places have water fountains or water bottle filling stations these days, it makes it much easiest to pack a reusable bottle when you’re hitting the road.

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Healthy snacks are the key to avoiding hangry outbursts or emergency drive-through excursions while you’re roadtripping. Some of my favorites are:

Interested in more healthy snack ideas? Check out Traveling & Eating and Traveling.


Music, books on tape, and games are all good options. At my mother’s suggestion I recently downloaded Audible and absolutely LOVED listening to The Martian during our last two trips. 10.5 hours later…

It’s an especially great option if you’re heading off the beaten track and won’t have wifi or radio service.

What do YOU need for roadtrips? Am I missing anything?


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