Good Vibes Only

Learning to be more positive and to approach life’s daily challenges with an open mind are long-standing goals of mine.

It’s not that I’m a negative person, it’s more that when faced with stressful situations, I have been known to lose my calm & give in to the compelling urge to freak out.

I mean, we’ve all been there, right?

Over the years I’ve discovered a few things that help keep me in the Good Vibes Only mentality.


I start every morning by writing in my gratitude journal. It can be a sentence, it can be a story, it can just be two simple words: “I’m grateful!”

It’s not about what I write or how long, it’s just about taking a moment first thing in the morning to remind myself that, regardless of the speed bumps or sleepless nights, I have an amazing life and that I’m incredibly lucky.

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I was already sold on meditation, and then recently read an incredibly interesting article which said that research had shown that through meditation and mindful thinking, you actually have the ability to remap your brain.


If meditation sounds really challenging or silly to you, I highly recommend giving yourself a week or two of mini sessions to really give it a try. Even 5 minutes a day can change your moods, your emotions, and your outlook.


Exercise is a wildly underutilized cure-all.

Bad day? Go work out. Stressed beyond belief? Get in a long run. Need to clear your mind? Go lift some weights.

It gets you out of your head. The endorphins boost your mood. And pushing yourself to your limits and reaching a goal is a powerful & heady feeling.

You’ll sleep better, be inspired to eat better, have more energy, you’ll find new ways to socialize, you’ll improve your concentration and memory… What can’t working out accomplish?

What is YOUR #1 tips for achieving all-day good vibes? Tell me what I’m missing!

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