Links You’ll Love: Veganism

This week’s Links You’ll Love round-up is going to delve into the world of veganism – From recipes you can make to ethical beauty products to fashion you should look into.

Fashion & Beauty:

Ready to revive your locks after a long, dry Winter? I’ve got what you need right here – 17 (All-Natural!) Fixes For Dry, Lifeless Winter Hair from Refinery 29.

Makeup time! Want to give some new products a go? Check out this Must Try tutorial – Tutorial: A Quick & Easy Non-Toxic Makeup Routine.

Product reviews are a favorite of mine, loved reading this great round-up. Enjoy this set of goodies – 14 Haute, Not Hippie, Vegan Beauty Products from Total Beauty.

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In the mood to do some shopping? BuzzFeed has put together a Must-Read list you’ve got to see: 13 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands For A Cruelty-Free Closet.

Want to save the planet? Me too! Don’t worry though, Mind Body Green has got you covered – 5 Easy Ways You Can Help Save The Planet.

Health & Fitness:

Curious about the real price tag on making your own juice? I Heart Veggies has you covered – How Much Does it Cost to Juice?

Many of us spend the majority of our lives at the office. I may get in a fitness class after work, but that’s only one hour out of the ~16 that I’m awake. The importance of your actions at work can’t be ignored if you want to be healthy. Read How to stay HEALTHY in your office job from Kayla Itsines and make some changes!

I found this incredibly interesting – There’s been more talk in recent years about hormones and how an imbalance in the body can cause all sorts of issues, from weight gain to sleep issues. If you’re interested in learning more about insulin, cortisol, and others, read this – What I Tell My Patients Who Want To Lose Weight: A Hormone Expert Explains.


Want to give some plant-based proteins a try? Check out Vega’s list of The Best Sources of Vegan Protein and try mixing things up in the kitchen!


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