Fitness Friday Spotlight: Ritual Hot Yoga

Kids, I have a brand new obsession.

I’m talking, a can’t-live-without-it obsession.

Ritual Hot Yoga is amazing. Their website captures the description best: Sweat-Dripping, Candlelit Hot Yoga to Badass Beats. Breathe to the beat. Move to the beat. Sweat to the beat.

If you’re thinking “Yoga isn’t really my thing,” you’re in for an awakening.

This isn’t like any yoga class I’ve ever taken. I adore yoga – It gets me out of my head and stretches me out wonderfully. Unfortunately, I’ve found in recent months that I’ve been consistently choosing spin or TRX over yoga.

Ritual Hot Yoga is here to change that.

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On top of the benefits I’ve come to expect from yoga, they’ve turned it into a heart-pumping, fast-paced workout that leaves me rejuvenated and grinning. When you’re flowing through the movements quickly, the yoga becomes a dance.

The mirror-lined studio is kept dark, illuminated by candles placed throughout the space, and promotes a kind of intimacy that encourages you to try moves you’ve never done or push yourself a little harder.

Not only did I try side crow and headstands in my first class, but I did it in a sports bra! {I’ve never done a workout in a sports bra before}

The heat warms your muscles and improves flexibility, while also promoting a delicious and detoxifying sweat.

Warning: You will be in a puddle by the end of class. They have showers and all the products you need to clean up afterwards, but I highly, highly recommend removing your makeup before class. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Tell me – What’s YOUR current workout obsession?


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