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I’m a huge fan of traveling – Whether it’s by plane, car, or boat – And I love visiting new places. And over the years, and many trips, I’ve discovered that one of the important factors that can really make or break a trip is whether you’re adequately prepared.

There are a handful of things that I take on all of my trips and my Travel Kit is a huge priority. I keep three small zippered bags ready to go at all times: (1) Toiletries, (2) Health, and (3) Food.

Read on to see what I’m packing before heading out of San Francisco this Summer for tropical vacations, long weekends, and road trips galore.

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(1) Toiletries

  • When you’re traveling it’s the perfect time to pull out all of the samples and travel sized bottles you’ve been hoarding collecting.
  • I go through my kit and adjust the contents depending on the location and duration of the trip. For instance – I like to pack oils and tons of SPF for warmer weather trips, or hair and face masks when there’s lots of plane time.
  • Essentials:

(2) Health

(3) Snackage

  • I love to travel and I know that I’m not the most pleasant human being when I’m hungry, so I’ve learned to plan ahead to avoid trip-ruining meltdowns
  • Everything from trailmix made with raw nuts, seeds & dried fruits to my favorite Larabars to chia seed & protein packs to add to meals
  • Essentials:

These three bags are the first thing that I throw in my luggage when I start packing and what I keep an eye on during the trip.

Truthfully, I usually break into the snack bag within minutes of hitting road!

Tell me what I’m missing! What goes in YOUR travel kit?


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