The Painful Truth About High Heels

Let me preface this post by saying that I LOVE HIGH HEELS. Love unabashedly.

Just call me Posh Spice – Not only do I think better in heels, but I don’t feel like I’m completely dressed without them.

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Which is why this long overdue post is – Wipes away tears – So devastating to write.

After over a year of painful and frustrating foot issues, I’ve almost entirely stopped wearing heels.

<Insert audible gasp from audience>

Okay, fine, the gasp is probably in my mind.

But it’s strange for me to even write those words, let alone live them. I think I wore high heels 5 days a week for the first ten years of my career. They’ve been a staple in nearly every sartorial aspect of my life – Pumps for the office, strappy sandles for girls night out, and bold, eye-catching heels for fashion events.

And now…

Flats. Maybe wedges. Low wedges.

Truth be told, I’ve done a lot of things for fashion over the years – From squeezing into shapewear to spending an evening sucking my stomach in to sitting for hours in a chair for hair & makeup magic.

Not often pretty. Sometimes even painful.

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But in the name of fashion, I was willing to sacrifice.

This foot injury has been the first time since my love affaire with fashion began, that I’ve hit my threshold. All-day pain and discomfort punctuated by shooting pain during each step, was apparently my limit. And sadly, ditching my heels hasn’t solved the problem, but it’s – Pun intended – A step in the right direction. And I’m committed to regaining my foot health.

So, will I be tossing out all my favorite heels? Nope. I’m stubborn. They’re staying right where they are while I dream of a hopefully not-too-distant future when my feet don’t scream in agony every moment of the day. But I am embracing this transition in the most positive way I possibly can – By reinventing my weekend style.

My personal style has been fairly consistent over the years – Classic looks, heavy on the dresses, with either heels or ballet flats. With both of those shoe choices – Sobs quietly – Currently unavailable to me, I’m having to learn to reach for other styles, mix and match pieces in new ways, and break some of the fashion “rules” I’ve lived by over the years.


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For example – Tennis shoes as street wear. I always though cute sneakers or slip-ons were fab on other ladies, just not my cup of tea. Give me a little black shift and round-toed flats – A la Audrey – And I’m a happy girl. And now… I’m investing in some new kicks. And enjoying the HELL out of the comfort.

So stay tuned for some new low-key looks here on MCLV that are a bit more casual, a bit more California girl, and a bit more relaxed on the style front.

Do YOU wear heels? What’s YOUR go-to pair of comfortable shoes these days?


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